The Best of Day Two

A look back at Saturday’s most exciting happenings—including highlights from Rick Bayless’s demo and the 2022 keynote.

A fantastic time was had by all at Sunday’s expert-led education sessions. Here’s a quick recap of two of our most exciting Show demos.

  • Chef Lamar Moore charmed the crowd at The Culinary Experience with his wonderful stories, generous tips and mouth-watering catfish and hoppin’ john recipe. In creating these two classic southern dishes, Chef Moore recommends the use of a lot of butter (“more butter, more better” was an oft-repeated refrain), and a light dredging of the catfish in batter to add flavor but avoid “heaviness.”
  • Continuing the fish trend, Chef Tiffany Derry demonstrated her take on salmon and cream corn Sunday afternoon. During her session, Chef Derry took the time to share stories from her early days in the restaurant industry, including several formative years at IHOP. Chef Derry is a lifelong learner and travels abroad at least once a year in pursuit of new culinary experiences.


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The Best of Day Three

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