Three key takeaways from chefs at the Show

In between frying, blending, steaming, and chopping, our 2022 Show chefs shared advice, stories and keys for success with their audiences at The Culinary Experience. Here are three nuggets of wisdom from chefs Edward Lee, Tiffany Derry and Rick Bayless:

  1. Plant-based is here to stay

While creating his signature empanadas and French onion soup, Chef Edward Lee implored audiences to recognize plant-based food as more than just a trend, but as a “real movement.” He believes that the demand for unique, flavorful, plant-based dishes will continue to grow, and that chefs everywhere need to be prepared.

  1. Labor challenges require new strategies

For Chef Tiffany Derry, ongoing labor challenges require operators and chefs to take a more active, rigorous approach to recruiting and training employees. For example, Chef Derry recognizes the need for restaurants to truly “compete” for experienced workers and be willing to invest more time training up inexperienced workers.

  1. Authenticity rules

Chef Rick Bayless’s dedication to authenticity was on display throughout his Show demo, as he used his experience visiting Mexican taquerias to defend each ingredient and preparation technique that went into his taco recipe. For Bayless, an authentic approach to global cuisine is the key for anyone looking to create a one-of-a-kind flavor experience.

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