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The following are Press Releases from a variety of Exhibitors: 

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Eat The Change - Booth 10420

Maryland-based JUST ICE Tea will be showcasing its new line of canned ice teas at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Ill. from May 18-21, 2024 at booth #10420.

Soundhound AI - Booth 6864

Experience live demos of SoundHound’s Dynamic Drive-Thru and Employee Assist solutions. Learn about new customizable, AI-driven Smart Answering call service

Tractor Beverage Co.- Booth 9427

Exciting Additions from Leading Organic Beverage Brand Promise to Elevate Beverage Stations.

Avocados From Mexico - Booth 424

Avocados from Mexico debuts at NRA with Guac Heaven! Enjoy fresh guacamole, cooking demos, and the new AI tool for customized avocado menu inspiration and customer appeal.   

ITD Food Safety - Booth 6579

Introducing the Prep-N-Temp Compact Station: streamline food safety with seamless labeling, checklists, temperature management, and wireless printing. Elevate your kitchen operations today!

You won’t believe it’s made from plants! Pioneering in the alternative seafood market, they showcase innovative products like Mind Blown™ Plant Based Crab Cakes while pledging 1% of profits to coral reef restoration.

Caviarum - Booth 10431

CAVIARUM: Toronto-based B2B food tech firm creating sustainable alternatives to rare and expensive caviars through small-batch production.

With 128 years in the cutlery market, Mundial has developed an incredible solution to your knife needs: Mundial SmartKnives™!  Come see us at NRAS- Booth S1682. 

LloydPans - Booth 4250

LloydPans, a leading manufacturer of pizza and foodservice pans will showcase its Detroit-Style Pans along with a range of foodservice solutions designed to elevate the culinary experience for foodservice operations.

Spirits On Ice, LLC- Booth 11139

Little details leave a lasting impression on guests. At Spirits On Ice, we go beyond the ordinary. Our premium ice vice elevates beverage service in any hospitality setting.

Revolutionize the way craft beverages are served and enjoyed with Kegco’s latest innovation; the Kegco KVM® - Kegerator Vending Machine!

Swirly's Confectionery - Booth 186

Swirly’s Confectionery and Snacks, a minority and family-owned brand, offers vegetarian, 'more healthy for you' confectionery and snacks with unique flavors, including the innovative Original Fryums range.

Squirrel Systems - Booth 6040

Squirrel Systems partners with Giordano’s, a renowned pizzeria, celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Visit Booth #6040 for a special gift honoring both milestones.

Kraft Heinz Company - Booth 2552

LUNCHABLES® Grilled Cheesies uses 360CRISP™ technology for a crispy, melty snack in 60 seconds, offering kids a convenient, microwaveable option without needing pans or stoves.

Chunk Foods will have a mouthwatering new product on hand, which is also the largest slab of plant-based meat on the market; and a revolutionary cubed product specifically geared toward fast-casual restaurants. 

Tidewater Grain Co. - Booth 3818

We stand as proud stewards of an heirloom crop absent from North Carolina Agriculture for more than 125 years. Rice, the way rice was meant to be. Visit us to learn more about Carolina Gold Rice.

Peugeot is an iconic French brand with a strong tradition of exceptional quality and innovation whose spice mills appear on bistro tables all over the world, as well as in the greatest chef’s kitchens. 

Digital Restaurant Association - Booth 5877

Join DRA+Google in the Discovery Theater for insights on how to “Maximize the Power of Your Digital Business” on Monday (5/20) and Tuesday (5/21) at 12:30pm.

Square Kiosk Arrives to Make Ordering Faster and More Intuitive for Restaurants and Diners. For quick-service restaurants, Square Kiosk offers a full stack solution to empower diners and streamline order-taking.

Bite Ninja - Booth 2089

Bite Ninja is transforming the way QSRs operate with remote labor technology. Connect to your restaurant from anywhere, streamline operations, and reduce labor costs with Bite Ninja. 

New Zealand Venison is available at importers and supermarkets across the U.S. Becoming the healthier meat of choice for home preparation. It is naturally low in fat, higher in protein and iron than beef and lamb, and lower in fat than skinless chicken.

iDrink Products Inc. - Booth 8602

Drinkmate is a pioneer in the beverage carbonation industry, dedicated to providing consumers with innovative solutions that enhance their drinking experiences. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation.

ComplianceMate™ is exhibiting its patented software for temperature monitoring and optimizing operational checklist workflows at the National Restaurant Association Show® [Booth 9016] from May 18-21, 2024.

Bevage - Booth 11129

TASTE the REVOLUTION of AGING and EVOLUTION of DECANTING. Beväge™ accelerates aging of spirits and wines by 10 years in minutes, preserving flavor. 40,000 tests show 99.9% success in enhancing aroma and taste.

Green Life Farms - Booth 8176

Green Life Farms operates state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouses in Lake Worth and Punta Gorda, Florida. By incorporating agriculture with technology and focusing on food safety and local delivery.

Angkor Cambodian Food - Booth 9956

Indulge in new Southeast Asian flavors with quick scratch ingredients—lemongrass paste, Kampot pepper, and Thnot sugar. Elevate your dishes effortlessly with AngkorFood.com!

Nate's Fine Foods - Booth 1282

Nate's Fine Foods, premier Ready-To-Eat manufacturer, showcasing at National Restaurant Association Show, sharing passion for Food Service industry

Tripleseat is the leading innovator in cloud-based sales and event management software for the hospitality industry, used by more than 16,000 venues globally, increasing sales by 30% or more.

Marin Food USA - Booth 8738

Since 1957, Marinfood has produced margarine, cheese, hotcakes, and industrial food products for various clients, expanding to include home products for retail.

Rytec is a trusted leader in high-performance door manufacturing. Visit us at Booth #9027 in Lakeside Center to experience live demonstrations of our Spiral® VP and PredaCool™ doors, showcasing our commitment to high performance and innovation.
Libbey will feature total tabletop solutions designed with operators’ needs in mind and capitalizing on the latest food and beverage trends with away-from-home diners.  
ReadyCarved® Pork Al Pastor Slices manufactured by Grecian Delight | Kronos, Recognized as a Favorite in the Prestigious 2024 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards.
Fineline: Set to Innovate
Our wide range of tableware, caterware, drinkware, utensils, takeout containers, ecoware, and miniware products are always designed with innovation, quality craftsmanship, and functionality in mind.

Buyers Edge Platform - Booth 7807

Buyers Edge Platform, a leader in digital procurement solutions for foodservice completed a $1.1B recapitalization to be used for providing employee liquidity and fueling growth and M&A.

Argo Labs AI- Booth 10916

Argo Labs revolutionizes restaurant phone answering with AI. The Argo AI receptionist ensures uninterrupted service, adeptly managing orders, reservations, and inquiries with top-notch customer care.

Advantech - Booth 7859

Visit Advantech at booth #7859, National Restaurant Show, to see our top-notch point-of-sale solutions showcasing excellence and innovation in customer service.

Clown Global Brands, a family-owned food service provider specializing in dry grocery goods, will showcase its latest addition to their “Family of Breadsticks” at The NRAS.

Casa Sabor LLC - Booth 9656

We specialize in customized culinary solutions for Foodservice and Retail clients across the nation, offering an enticing variety of dishes to elevate dining experiences.

Food Service Solutions - Booth 2484

Presenting the NEW super-fast Oracle High Speed Oven and the powerful Brunner Anliker Food Processing machine that makes 10 lbs of fresh cut fries in 1 minute!

Chowbus - Booth 6472

Chowbus POS products are specifically designed for the ever-changing restaurant industry. Embrace the current situation with innovative solutions, aiming to save you both time and money.

Connected Fresh - Booth 6072

Discover Fully Automated Cool Down Logs and more at Booth 6072. Our smart sensor solutions boost efficiency and ensure compliance. Visit us to see our solutions in action!

BevTrust - Booth 11329

BevTrust helps restaurants save money on their soft drink programs. We saved our clients $180 million in 2023, and we can’t wait to see what the number will be this year. If we can’t save a restaurant money, they don’t pay. 

Sugarman of Vermont, LLC - Booth 10235

Since 1991, Sugarman crafts maple products, offering single serve and bulk options, including private labeling. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias prioritizing food safety.

RaschGo Inc. launches an innovative East Coast platform combining e-commerce with social networking to enhance dining experiences and restaurant visibility. Join now at www.raschgo.com

Ping Solutions - Booth 8336

Ping Solutions specializes in crafting unique and innovative merchandising products, whether licensed or original, aimed at evoking lasting emotions.

Dilusa, a top Mexican pork producer, offers chicharrón prensado, pork lard, and pork pellets, renowned for authentic flavors worldwide. Committed to quality and innovation, enhancing culinary experiences.

Greenridge Naturals - Booth 9851

Greenridge Naturals is a family-owned brand that produces all-natural meat products including deli meats, sausages, and meat sticks. Their clean-label meats are seasoned with European-spices and are always hardwood smoked. 

Steelite International - Booth 6612

Steelite International Showcases Cutting-Edge Designs and Tabletop Trends at 2024 National Restaurant Association Show.

MyTerra Inc. - Booth 9954

Jinka offers a successful plant-based tuna alternative, rich in nutrients like fiber, iron, and Omega-6, catering to carnivores and revolutionizing the vegan space for home chefs and food service.

Ecotrak Facility Management Software - Booth 6479

Visit Ecotrak at booth #6479 to demo our intelligent facilities management SaaS platform built for restaurants. Stop by to learn how we can help save you money on repairs & maintenance.  

City Cheers - Booth 6365

CityCheers is a powerful marketing platform featuring live Chalkboards, Calendar Events, and Signature Items. This paired with ExpressCheck payment technology makes us the Super App for the Hospitality Industry.

Specialty America, Inc. - Booth 10138

Specialty Polyfilms ensures cling and softness to traditional films for chefs and kitchen staff, prioritizing environmental benefits in meticulously designed packaging. Live demos will be held by the team.

CFS Brands - Booth 4212

CFS Brands, a leading supplier of foodservice solutions, is celebrating “more in ‘24”: new website, new products, and big new additions to our family of brands in G.E.T. and Winco!

Do you fry? Let’s talk! Drop by booth 3963, South hall, to see how MAGNESOL® can reduce frying oil costs, improve oil quality and efficiency, and save you money!

Atosa USA, Inc. - Booth 3696 & 4860

Atosa USA, Inc. celebrates their Auto Seasoning And Packaging Solution as a 2024 Kitchen Innovations Awards winner, showcased at The National Restaurant Association Show.

Spicewalla - Booth 3818

Meherwan Irani’s award-winning spice brand, Spicewalla, will showcase its brand-new wholesale website for chefs and food producers, as well as new chef-driven spice blends, at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show.

Restaurant Technologies, Inc. - Booth 7445

Restaurant Technologies will showcase its industry leading automated kitchen solutions in booth 7445, giving attendees an opportunity to view and demo its products that help “Control the Kitchen Chaos."

Supreme Source & Supply Co. - Booth 10227

Increase your restaurant’s sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50% with Nature’s Source's compostable packaging and full-cycle green supply chain.

Rotisol - Booth 275

Come visit our team at booth #275, South Hall and learn more about our new convection oven with automated cleaning cycle!

Atarraya, Inc. - Booth 2192b

Agua Blanca Shrimp will participate in the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, showcasing their sustainably raised, award-winning shrimp, grown locally in the US, at booth 2192B.

Kluck - Booth 5639

Kluck unveils Kupp at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show, a revolutionary cup dispenser designed to enhance efficiency and reduce cup-related revenue loss in fast-casual and quick-service restaurants.

Zoe's Meats - Booth 1385

Sample artisan cured meats crafted for chefs. We look forward to sampling bacon, deli meats, charcuterie, and more.

Service Physics- Booth 10436

Service Physics provides data-driven operations consulting to empower the world’s leading hospitality and service-based brands. We see potential for better customer experiences and greater productivity without sacrificing employee wellbeing.

Epson offers a variety of POS solutions engineered for flexibility and reliability to help restaurants run more efficiently and address many situations – line busting, self-ordering, curbside delivery, and online ordering. 

Apex Order Pickup Solutions - Booth 3694 & 5839

Give customers and delivery drivers fast pickup outside, while staff hit throughput and efficiency inside. The walk-up window’s never been so smart!

Mush Foods US, Inc. - Booth 1788

LCA Affirms Burgers made with 50CUT Boast 50% Lower GHG Footprint Mush Foods’ mushroom and mushroom root blend for chefs, produces nearly nil greenhouse gas emissions (<.02kg CO2e per 113g patty). 

Waring Commercial Products - Booth 2716

Waring's XPress, honored at the NRAS 2024 Kitchen Innovations Awards, boosts efficiency in foodservice with its dual-sided cooking, reducing cook time and flipping needs.

Paytronix - Booth 5857

Leading guest engagement provider announced Legal Sea Foods boosted Legal Net Rewards membership by 60% through a two-week enrollment campaign with a two-for-one lobster roll promotion.

North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture - Booth 3818

Visit our GTBNC Pavilion at booth 3818 in Chicago's McCormick Center South Hall. Housing six members, showcasing top North Carolina products.

Excel Dryer, Inc. - Booth 1240

Excel Dryer manufactures the only Made in USA Certified®, touchless, high-efficiency hand dryers found in restrooms worldwide. Their solutions are the most hygienic, sustainable and cost-effective way to clean hands.

Palmer Digital Group - Booth 5851

Supplier of digital kiosks, drive-thru menu boards, and canopy systems returns to the NRAS with a message: Go digital for streamlined QSR ordering.

QSR Automations, Inc. - Booth 5834

QSR Automations will present ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus at booth #5834 during the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, aiming to digitize kitchen operations with a searchable, AI-translatable recipe platform.

Zero Acre Farms - Booth 888

Finally, A cleaner all-purpose cooking oil, with even more good fats than olive oil, a neutral taste, and a tiny environmental footprint.

SnapDragon Apples - Booth 7468

Don’t miss Crunch Time Apple Growers at booth #7468 in the Taste of the States section! The booth will feature samples of the apple slices, information about distribution opportunities and recommendations for integrating the apples into delicious menu items.

Autec - Booth 8412

AUTEC unveils new sushi robotics, including a rice sheeter and onigiri maker, at the National Restaurant Show, enhancing sushi creation for restaurants, hotels, and stadiums.

Franchise Development Group - Booth 9453

You’ve developed a thriving business. How do you take it to the next level? For many companies franchising can be the most efficient and economical means of expansion. Some people dream of success, we make it happen!

Ripples - Booth 231

Discover how Ripples is revolutionizing the beverage industry with innovative printing technology and the new Jungle Blend pods kit, transforming drinks into personalized experiences.

Go Mouthwash- Booth 9944

Introducing G0 Mouthwash Collection: Premium single-use mouthwash packets for restaurants. Dye-free, alcohol-free formula ensures fresh breath post-dining, enhancing guest experience.

Monti Trentini USA LLC - Booth 8660

Monti Trentini debuts at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show in Chicago, presenting their century-old cheese-making tradition from the Dolomite Mountains.

LaPavia Beverage Inc. - Booth 11252

Top Note Classic Tonic Water wins double gold, the highest honor, at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition for the second year in a row.

OneDine, a leading provider of commerce tools for restaurants has been named Dave & Buster’s Vendor Partner of the year!

For the first time, Reddie will showcase its Digital Signage & Software at booth #9934 at The National Restaurant Association Show. Reddie is offering a 10% discount on all onsite purchases/sales orders during the show and a 5% discount to attendees whose badge we scan for future purchases, within 90 days.
We're dedicated to crafting delicious, healthy drinks to enhance your well-being, offering indulgence with nutritious options. Experience the extraordinary with our nature-inspired beverages.

Rewards Network - Booth 8235

Rewards Network empowers restaurants in a competitive market, offering a platform for networking, sharing insights, and showcasing dedication to the industry.

Best in the West’s new foodservice division is bringing the authentic flavors of New Mexico from family farm to restaurant tables. Please visit www.bestinthewestbrands.com for more information.

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