Best of Show Exhibitor Booth Awards

To acknowledge and recognize exhibitors demonstrating excellence in exhibit design and execution, the National Restaurant Association Show is conducting a Best of Show exhibitor contest.

Best Inline Booth

  • Judging Criteria
  • 2020 Best Inline Booth
  • 2020 Best Medium Booth
  • 2020 Best Large Booth
  • 2020 Standout Exhibitors

Judging Criteria

There is no need to enter as all exhibitors will be considered.

On Saturday, May 18th, during open exhibit hall hours, highly experienced exhibiting experts will walk the entire show floor and select winners in three categories:

  1. Best Inline/Linear Booth
  2. Best Medium Peninsula/Island Booth (up to 1,500 sq. ft.)
  3. Best Large Peninsula/Island Booth (over 1,500 sq. ft.)

The judges will look at every booth in terms of:

  • How effectively the booth grabs attention
  • Communicates a clear value proposition and messaging
  • Has an interactive attendee experience
  • Has proactive and positive exhibit staff behaviors

Winners will receive a plaque from the National Restaurant Association Show along with a photo shoot in the booth, plus at- and post-Show recognition from attendees and exhibitors.

2020 Best Inline Booth

Boulart's exhibit was a perfect balance of design and function. This unique design grabbed your attention with its creative use of materials and product display styles. They used warm woods, warm slate with pegboards displaying cutting boards and simple display glass with their delicious bread types inside. Their two simple messages were displayed on cutting boards, and on a video monitor showing statistics on investing of pre-made breads.

Boulart drew you into their tasting experience by placing their serving bar close to the aisle. The deliciously tempting sandwiches (themed for each day) were super flavorful and complemented their bread products. While you sampled their delicious breads they had literature to review, placed directly in front of you promoting their variety of bread types. Booth staff was outfitted with white aprons over black shirts and were very easily seen from the aisle. Staff was very personable, informative, and energetic.

2020 Best Medium Booth

(up to 1,500 square feet)

Starting with the clean white look, enhanced by the carpet color, Elo immediately turned visitors' heads. Then, the next impression was the crystal-clear messaging which combined static printing with A/V to get their point across quickly and deeply. As visitors then traversed the 20x30 exhibit space, they discovered lots of interesting vignettes to interact with, each illustrating a different aspect of their products’ processes.

At the many product demonstration stations, visitors were directly invited to "Touch Here to Start" to see Elo's products inaction, either through self-guided demos or with the help of the engaged and attentive exhibit staff. Lighting accents, with thoughtful furniture selection and placement enhanced the experience, inviting visitors to linger longer. Finally, the exhibit staff did a great job remaining diligent in keeping the exhibit free of clutter and personal items, assuring their exhibit remained a faithful 3D "Brand Space" and not a cluttered office.

2020 Best Large Booth

(more than 1,500 square feet)

Starting with their enormous, lit "Uber Eats" letters, the exhibit drew a lot of attention and attraction as people would stand in front and snap photos. The exhibit featured four distinct areas; a street scape complete with a paved street and bicycles; a covered cafe set on a raised platform; a home setting complete with lounging furniture perfect for in-depth discussion; and a social media area showing how their service integrated with the various social media platforms using oversized A/V screens. All areas gave a great visual connection to Uber Eats business model of being anywhere and everywhere consumers could be reached.

The exhibit space was crowed but not enough to block the unique visually impacting Urban theme of the exhibit. The marketing message was clever as well. Throughout the space, simple printed graphics told the story of how UberEats can connect restaurant operators to their consumers utilizing Uber Eats delivery. The high-energy atmosphere was sprinkled with Uber friendly staffers ready to engage with attendees. Their branded shirts made it easy to locate them amongst the very busy and vibrant exhibit. ;

2020 Standout Exhibitors

In addition to the three 2020 winners, 46 additional booths were highlighted as “standout” exhibitors.

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