Startup Alley

Digital innovation and foodservice meet at Startup Alley. Startups display their high-tech ideas for improving restaurant operations or revenue and give buyers a sneak peek at the future of foodservice.  Presented by American Express.

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Exhibiting Companies

AmbiFi, Inc

AmbiFi makes it easy to capture, utilize, and share the knowledge and expertise that exists in your organization.

Baller LLC

Baller LLC is in the engagement industry as a web based platform to improve employee engagement and retention.


Easilys, a one-stop solution dedicated to multi-site contract catering businesses.


A data-driven software solution for commercial kitchens to help optimize food production in a cloud-based platform.


Jetson is an intelligent, voice AI that can search and transact complex product catalogs through conversation.


LISNR powers transactions and connects the customer journey with the most advanced Ultrasonic Data Platform.