Startup Alley

Digital innovation and foodservice meet at Startup Alley. Startups display their high-tech ideas for improving restaurant operations or revenue and give buyers a sneak peek at the future of foodservice. Presented by American Express.

Applications for Startup Alley 2019 have closed. Startup Alley exhibitors will be announced in March.

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Exhibiting Companies

Bear Robotics

Bear Robotics, Inc. offers AI-driven robots that are optimized for running and bussing in a restaurant. The company's robots create value for restaurant operators via increased profit margins and enri...

Big Zpoon

BigZpoon is dedicated to reducing global food waste and helping the environment by creating a new, profitable channel for restaurants to instantly connect with value-seeking customers and sell their s...


Eatabit streamlines the operations of restaurants and their online food ordering partners by standardizing the way food orders get to restaurants.


At Fisherman, we generate complete, intuitive, and one-of-a-kind websites for restaurants and the broader food service industry—all by using your answers to a few simple questions on fishrmn.com.

Glance Technologies, Inc.

Glance Pay is the fastest growing mobile payment solution for restaurants and has revolutionized how smartphone users pay their restaurant bill, earn digital rewards, and promotions, and discover new ...


InKind's technology creates a unique experience for a restaurant's best guest: she walks into her favorite restaurant and the host instantly recognizes her, the server knows her purchase history and p...