FABI Awards

The National Restaurant Show FABI Awards program celebrates the most forward-thinking and creative new tastes that are driving trends, delighting customers and delivering expanded menu offerings across the industry.

The 2023 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards® has selected 42 recipients of industry-altering products that shape what’s new and next for the future of food and beverage. New this year, eight of the FABI Awardees have been selected by the judges as FABI Favorites as the most groundbreaking and influential of the year. The new designation provides special recognition for the judges’ top FABI Award recipients, which stood out among an already exceptional lineup of items exemplifying creativity, ingenuity and the ability to expand menu options industry-wide. Attendees will have the opportunity to taste FABI Favorites and FABI Awardees at the new Connections space (located in The Culinary Experience) throughout the Show. 

New this year, join the FABI Judges at The Culinary Experience session “F&B Products You Need To Know: Judge-Selected FABI Favorites” where members of the expert-led panel will share their top picks of the year and how they are changing the industry. All FABI programming can be found in The Show To Go.

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Amplify your product to operators, suppliers and esteemed chefs and carve a future brimming with success. Submit your application to be recognized in the FABI Awards and take advantage of dedicated marketing promotion and PR opportunities at the National Restaurant Show taking place in Chicago, May 18-21, 2024.

Meet the 2023 FABI Favorites


Brown Sugar Instant Boba Kit

BOBABAM is the first-to-market, all-natural boba that allows operators to diversify menus or upsell consumers without significant investment in special equipment or training. Vegan, gluten-free and caffeine-free, BOBABAM is perfect for beverages and toppings.

current foods

Tuna Filet, Plant-Based

Current Foods Plant-Based Tuna goes toe-to-toe with traditional raw tuna. Every ingredient is derived from earth with zero artificial ingredients, no allergens and no mercury or microplastics. Current Foods uses peas for protein, algae oil for taste and Omega-3’s, radish and tomato for color and potato and bamboo for texture.


16oz Non-Stick Cooking Spray

La Tourangelle 16oz Non-Stick Cooking Spray is a propellant-free cooking spray made with non-GMO canola oil and sunflower lecithin. It is free of preservatives or flammable propellants, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and fully recyclable.

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mccain foods

V’DGZ Plant and Vegetable Shareables  - Corn R’bz

V’DGZ are crispy, pre-cooked plant and vegetable appetizers that are both quick and easy to prepare and simple to customize into signature dishes. V’DGZ currently feature three varieties – Corn R’bz, Bruss’lz and Cauli W’ngz.


Classic Cutlet

Meati is a new, animal-free meat made from whole-food mushroom root. It offers the protein of beef or chicken and the fiber and micronutrients of vegetables with taste and texture beloved by some of the world’s best chefs. Meati’s first product line currently includes “Classic Cutlet” as well as three other cuts, including steak.

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Nounos Creamery LLC

Nounós Greek Yogurt

This handcrafted, small-batch Greek yogurt is made with farm-fresh whole milk and strained three times longer than conventional brands, resulting in a thicker product with twice the milk fat and a flavor profile that’s out of this world.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard

Spring in a Bottle

Spring in a Bottle—an exquisite, alcohol-free, low calorie, dry rosé sparkling wine—is the perfect choice for a fun filled evening, long lunch, afternoon entertaining at the pool or long multi-course dinner. Beautiful and vibrant, this wine features great acidity and an elegant fruitiness that gives it a stand-out taste.


Yo Plant-Based Sunny-Side Up Egg

Yo Egg's Plant-Based Sunny-Side Up Egg is a delicious, heat-and-eat product that delivers a perfectly runny yolk every time. It has no cholesterol and is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. It enables chefs to create plant-based options that wow.


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Mongolian Plant-Based Steak

Alchemeat—the most realistic plant-based steak on the market—makes center-of-plate steak dishes a breathtaking reality for foodservice operators looking to upgrade plant-based dining to a premium level.

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Before the butcher

Plant-Based Pepperoni

Before the Butcher's Plant-Based Pepperoni is a bold and spicy salami style sliced pepperoni with a slight smokiness and tons of umami flavor. All-natural, non-GMO and gluten/allergen free, this product can be enjoyed by everyone!

Beyond Meat

Beyond Steak ™

Beyond Steak ™ are flavorful plant-based steak tips that sear to perfection—crispy and caramelized on the outside while amazingly tender and juicy on the inside. Made from simple, plant-based ingredients, they’re a good source of protein, low in saturated fat, and contain no GMOs, cholesterol, or added soy ingredients.

Champignon North America, Inc.


Briette is a unique line of smaller format bries in five different flavor profiles. Each Briette cheese is made from quality milk from the Bavarian Alps, with master cheesemakers ensuring the best quality and balance in flavors, such as Mild, Buttery Red, Smoky, Dulce de Leche and Blue.

The Coca-Cola Company

Simply Mixology

Simply Mixology is a line of fruit-forward, all-natural flavored juice beverages inspired by consumer trends. The three varieties—Strawberry Guava Mojito, Lime Margarita and Peach Sour—are crafted to be enjoyed with or without alcohol and you can enjoy the sophisticated, complex taste without the hassle of extra ingredients or bar tools.

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daiya foods inc.

Italian 4 Cheeze Style Blend Shreds

Daiya Foods’ exceptional Italian 4 Cheeze Style Blend Shreds combines parmesan, mozzarella, provolone & asiago style plant-based cheeses, creating a delicious and versatile blend that’s perfect for Italian dishes like pasta or pizza. Finely shredded, this product melts and browns beautifully with a rich and creamy texture like no other.


EQUII High Protein Bake Mix

EQUII High Protein Bake Mix employs a unique patent-pending formulation that helps bakers turn traditional baked goods into high-protein nutritious offerings. Made using the sustainable process of grain fermentation, this mix is all-natural, non-GMO, animal-free and clean label.



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Great eastern sun

HealthSavor Organic Miso Mustard

HealthSavor Organic Miso Mustard delivers a tsunami of umami. Cultured, organic apple cider vinegar is combined with soy-free organic chickpea miso, organic mustard seeds, turmeric, piperines, and a blend of spices. Both apple cider vinegar and miso consistently rank in top ten lists for cultured foods.

impossible foods

Impossible™ Fully Cooked Burger Patty

Impossible™ Fully Cooked Burger Patties are a fully cooked version of Impossible’s award-winning plant-based beef. They can be reheated from frozen in a variety of cooking methods, including conventional and convection ovens or microwaves. This makes an extremely convenient, delicious option for quick-service, school lunchrooms and other unconventional settings.

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mccain foods

Mini Mashers

McCain Mini Mashers are ready-to-fry potato shareables with a soft creamy center and a crispy exterior that cook in under three and a half minutes. Delicious on their own, McCain Mini Mashers also provide a versatile canvas for culinary creativity and signature dishes. 


Unsweetened Barista Milk

Made of raw, never roasted macadamias, milkadamia's unsweetened barista milk is delicious, creamy, smooth and foams beautifully. This winning product is also non-GMO, vegan, kosher and made without dairy, lactose, cholesterol, soy or carrageenan.

Miyoko’s Creamery

Pourable Plant Milk Mozzarella

Pourable Plant Milk Mozzarella is the secret to perfectly melty, cheesy pizza. Crafted from organic cultured cashew milk, without the melt-inhibiting ingredients typically found in shreds, to give a cheesy layer that bubbles, browns, and tastes delicious. Loved by pizza professionals and enthusiasts alike, pour on, bake, and enjoy!

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Myrtle Greens

Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings

Vegetarian Plus Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings features a realistic texture and mouth feel and a light breading that allows enrobing with dry rub or marinades without compromising the crunchy outside! A great plant-based option for menus, this product gives operators the freedom to create their own signature plant-based wing recipes.


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Myrtle Greens

Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings

Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings have a realistic meat-like texture, a savory and spicy flavor and a unique color derived from its plant-based ingredients. These dumplings are easy to steam and can be served as an appetizer, snack or main entrée.



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Plantspired Korean BBQ Steak

Crafted with non-GMO ingredients and boasting 14 grams of plant-based protein per serving, Plantspired Steak is made from soy protein and features a charcoal-grilled Korean BBQ flavor with a meat-like texture. Pre-marinated and grilled to perfection, Plantspired Steak is convenient and easily served alongside rice, salad, vegetables, noodles and more.

new wave Foods

Bakeable Cajun Breaded Plant-Based New Wave Shrimp®

Cajun breaded New Wave Shrimp® is a plant-based shrimp made from seaweed and plant protein with the same delicious bite, texture and taste of ocean shrimp. It's versatile, with simple freezer-to-oven or freezer-to-fryer preparation. Additionally, it’s natural, halal, vegan, contains zero cholesterol and is free from shellfish, allergens and soy.

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Oatly Soft Serve

Without a drop of dairy in sight, Oatly Soft Serve provides a cold, creamy texture and smooth vanilla flavor that’s superior to other non-dairy options. Ideal for all types of electric soft serve dispensing machines, this sweet treat is versatile, affordable and a crowd pleaser.

ocean beauty seafoods

Grill House Burger

Made with the freshest, wild-caught Alaska salmon and a blend of nutrient-rich vegetable proteins, the Ocean Beauty Grill House Burger is packed with flavor and goodness. Free of common allergens such as soy, gluten and dairy, this product is the perfect option for consumers looking for a new, on-trend alternative protein option.

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organic mixology

Cold Brew with Chocolate Liqueur

OM Cold Brew with Chocolate Liqueur blends high-quality coffee with organic chocolate liqueur in an easy-to-serve, lightweight 200 ml can. This sugarcane-based spirit is then sweetened with organic agave nectar for a better for you treat, any time of day.

pari foods inc

Regal Harvest Smoked Basmati RIce

Regal Harvest Smoked Basmati Rice, a culinary showstopper, is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, aged for 2 years and smoked with natural Willow Wood. Smoking provides an innovative earthy, toasty flavor that complements all cuisines. This product is also easy to cook and available in a convenient resealable zipper pouch.

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perfect day inc

Cream Cheese Spread

Perfect Day’s sustainable cream cheese—made from fermentation, not cows—spreads, stirs, and bakes just like the one you know and love. Rich and indulgent, it’s perfect for cheesecakes, bakeable pastry fillings, savory dips, or a bagel schmear.

Sabatino truffles

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle & Honey

Truffle & Honey strikes a perfect balance between the subtle sweetness of honey and the earthiness of black truffles. Conveniently packaged in a 12oz squeeze bottle, this product can be used in foodservice kitchens to create cheese and charcuterie boards as well as a number of sauces and toppings.

sempio foods company

No-Soy Sauce

This perfect, allergen-free soy substitute tastes just like regular soy sauce. Made from peas and pea protein, Sempio No-Soy Sauce is great to use in any recipe that calls for soy sauce with a one to one ratio.

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sempio foods company

Organic Gochujang

Sempio Foods’ Organic Gochujang is an award-winning, premium red pepper paste made with organic and non-GMO ingredients, including sun-dried red peppers, fermented rice and onions. The only certified organic gochujang on the market, this product offers a rich, savory and mouth-watering spicy umami flavor to any dish.

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Taste it presents

Premium Mason Jar Desserts

Premium Mason Jar Desserts made it Italy are perfect for when you want small indulgence with big flavor. Exquisitely layered and pre-garnished, these desserts are available in six delectable flavors served in sustainable, re-usable glass jars with lids.

Tru Fru LLC

Grab & Go Blueberry Parfait Popper Hyper-Chilled Fresh in Yogurt & Granola / 5oz Pouch

The Blueberry Parfait Popper includes vine ripened blueberries, double immersed in a premium Greek yogurt that is chock full of live cultures and crunchy granola. This hyper-chilled product provides an on-the-go, fruit-forward snack option that doesn’t require a spoon, cup or labor.

Tru Fru LLC

Grab & Go Raspberry Parfait Popper Hyper-Chilled Fresh in Yogurt & Granola / 5oz Pouch

The Raspberry Parfait Popper includes vine ripened raspberries, double immersed in a premium Greek yogurt that is chock full of live cultures and crunchy granola. This hyper-chilled product provides an on-the-go, fruit-forward snack option that doesn’t require a spoon, cup or labor.

Tru Fru LLC

Grab & Go Strawberry Parfait Popper Hyper-Chilled Fresh in Yogurt & Granola / 5oz Pouch

The Strawberry Parfait Popper includes vine ripened strawberries, double immersed in a premium Greek yogurt that is chock full of live cultures and crunchy granola. This hyper-chilled product provides an on-the-go, fruit-forward snack option that doesn’t require a spoon, cup or labor.

Tyson Foods Inc

Hillshire Farm® Fully Cooked Carved Pork Belly

With Hillshire Farm® Carved Pork Belly, it’s easier than ever to deliver customers an elevated, decadent ingredient for all kinds of dishes. Fully cooked and ready to serve (2/5lb. bags per case), it’s the simple way to bring big flavors across the menu.


Plant-based Korean BBQ 

UNLIMEAT’s Plant-based Korean BBQ—made with upcycled, wholesome grains and healthy proteins—is delicious and versatile. Perfect in a stir fry, sandwich or spring roll, Plant-based Korean BBQ makes any recipe amazingly meatless.

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veggies made great

2oz Frittatas

Veggies Made Great elevates breakfast with veggie-rich 2 oz frittatas.  Packed with veggies, these frittatas are nutritionally smart, remarkably delicious and available in four savory flavors: Plant-based Sausage, Egg, & Cheese; Plant-based Bacon, Egg, & Cheese; Spinach Egg White; and Mushroom & 3 Cheese.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company

B'Lure Butterfly Pea Flower Extract

This natural butterfly pea flower extract—which changes color when exposed to a pH change (i.e., citrus) —can be used to add a little drama to cocktails, salad dressings, sorbets and more.

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world finer foods

Cutting Vedge Veggie Forward™ Meatballs

Cutting Vedge Plant-based Meatballs star the delicious, nutrient-rich artichoke as the lead ingredient, supported by a nutritious mix of spinach, quinoa and plant-based protein. This chef-crafted product is also gluten, soy and dairy free.

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Yo Foods, Inc.

Yo Plant-Based Poached Egg

Yo Egg's Plant-Based Poached Egg is the world's first plant-based egg with a runny yolk. It is a delicious, heat-and-eat product that makes for a perfectly poached egg every time. It has no cholesterol and lower calories, fat and sodium than conventional eggs. It is also vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

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