4 Major Foodservice Trends You Need to Know About Now

Our friends at Technomic just served up insights into the trends poised to make an impact on the industry this year — and we couldn’t wait to share. Get a taste of what’s hot for 2022 and find out the Show can help you get ahead now.

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egg sandwich

Trend 1: Breakfast is Back

The return to work, school, and semi-normal life has many consumers seeking out morning meal options at their favorite chains and local haunts. Expect brands to dial up their efforts to establish loyalty, 24/7 breakfast menus to make a triumphant return, and eggs to reign supreme — Technomic predicts that egg sandwiches will soon dethrone the chicken sandwich as the next in-demand menu item.

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PPE sanitizing restaurant

Trend 2: No Pain, No Gain

Common pain points like labor issues aren’t going away in 2022, but innovative strategies and solutions are on the horizon. Expect staffing troubles to continue making headlines this year, but also expect some exciting, fresh ideas that will help the industry overcome these all-too-familiar challenges. 

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Trend 3: The Age of the Indies

Leading global chains may have had an advantage at the height of the pandemic, but local brands are set to blow up in 2022 — especially those that have a special focus on sustainability, healthfulness, or technology. Now is the time for savvy, nimble, smaller brands to grow quickly. 

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acovado coffee

Trend 4: Menu Trends

Of course, no discussion about restaurant trends is complete without talking about ingredients and menu items! Technomic predicts halloumi, mutabal, plant-based egg, Brazilian cheese bread pao de gueijo, Mexican flatbreads tlayudas, and avocado coffee to be the next breakout stars.  Don’t miss our 2022 Show session, Novel Menu Trends to Drive Business and Delight Guests, as Technomic and operators dive into what’s new and exciting in the world of food and beverage.