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Why Do We Love Foodservice? Let Us Count the Ways…

It’s no secret that we love food — but more than that, we love our innovative industry. With Valentine’s Day this month, we’re bringing your admiration-worthy trends for 2022, the best ways to connect with your fellow foodservice professionals, and how others are making a difference through food.

Find Your Perfect Match

The best way to kindle your love for the industry is to spend time with those who love foodservice as much as you do — and the 2022 Show’s many networking opportunities are the perfect place to reconnect with the industry in person, spark new relationships, and discuss exciting collaboration ideas. Industry Night Out is where you can celebrate with professionals from all sectors of foodservice at the largest rooftop deck in the nation, and the Young Professionals Party connects foodservice professionals under 40. Learn more about networking opportunities at the Show.

Industry Trends We Love

Health is a priority with the new year and subsequent fresh slate ushering in a shift to healthy options. Expect to see more brands offering immunity-boosting foods such as tomatoes, seeds and berries, olive oil, and dark chocolate.

Additionally, plant-based options are rising in popularity, both from a health and eco-friendly standpoint and in the face of animal protein supply shortages and cost increases. In a similar vein, expect to see less expensive cuts of protein (chicken thighs versus wings, beef chuck versus loin) on menus as restaurants navigate these different influences in 2022.

Other trends include alternative sweeteners to processed sugars, upscale potato chips, and unexpected flavors from globally inspired cuisine. Packaging is also a top consideration, as brands look for sustainable, reliable packaging options.

The National Restaurant Association partnered with chefs from the American Culinary Federation who offered their expertise on what they think will be the leading food and menu trends this year. Read the full report of top anticipated trends across 12 categories in the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot 2022 Culinary Forecast.”

And with the winter chill lingering, consumers aren’t quite ready to let go of comfort foods. Cozy up with these winter menu trends from Restaurant Business Online You’ll find these trends and more at the 2022 Show. Our session with Technomic, Novel Menu Trends to Drive Business and Delight, will delve into how today’s climate is shaping menus and what operators can expect on the horizon. And don’t miss Technomic’s featured session, Restaurants in the Hot Seat, to learn how consumer behaviors are interests are being put into practice and how to tackle current challenges.

Do Good, Feel Good

One industry leader aiming to make a difference and share love through food is Inspiration Kitchens. Their mission is to provide dignity, respect, and opportunity to Chicagoans affected by homelessness and poverty by offering them training for jobs in the culinary industry. Through their Foodservice Training Program, Inspiration Kitchens has placed graduates in over 650 jobs. Learn more about their mission and training program.

Declare Your Love

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