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The Show immerses you in everything related to the restaurant and foodservice industry from special exhibits and pavilions, celebrated chefs and mixology demos, and motivating featured presentations. We hope you gained inspiring content and innovative story angles that will excite readers. 

View the official post-Show press release for an overview of the 2023 event, plus find storylines to consider and images to download for your own coverage below.

Images from the 2023 Show

Access photos from the 2023 event to supplement your editorial pieces or social media posts. 

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Storylines to Consider

  • Cover the foodservice industry supply chain and the steps the industry is taking to cost containment, food safety, and while maintaining quality.
  • Explore how smaller footprint kitchens and multi-use equipment are redesigning kitchen spaces.
  • See and interact with the latest innovations to provide your readers with a glimpse into the future of the smart appliance market.
  • Report on industry statistics and the economic impact of the foodservice industry today and in the future as restaurant industry’s sales are projected to increase.
  • Explore the availability of healthy items and the exploration of new food sourcing options as customers look for tasty gluten-free choices, foods without GMOs, plant-based options, and low or sugar-free choices for personal and dietary needs.
  • Uncover how and why the foodservice industry is working to bring sustainable products to their restaurants.
  • Report on how restaurants are setting the example for recycling initiatives
  • Discover the technology innovations coming to the market that will support industry profitability and efficiency.
  • Cover the lighter side of the industry by featuring new culinary techniques to test and try.
  • Highlight celebrated chefs of the future, how they are growing their skills and making a name for themselves.

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Julie Franks (jfranks@mdg.agency)