Sara Nickel Bray

Vice President, Workforce and Business Development at National Restaurant Association

Sara brings over two decades of expertise to the hospitality industry with a proven track record in optimizing operations, increasing revenue, and elevating guest experiences. As the Vice President of Workforce and Business Development at the National Restaurant Association, she has been instrumental in propelling the industry forward with innovative strategies and a strong commitment to workforce development. Sara leads the development of comprehensive health, wellness, and benefits portfolios. Her initiatives furnish operators with essential tools to attract top talent, enhance well-being, and improve retention. Additionally, she spearheads solutions at to empower independent restaurant owners and their teams in establishing efficient systems, fostering cultures that prioritize positive experiences for employees and customers, and ensuring the longevity of their establishments. Sara's breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience make her an invaluable partner for businesses aiming for continued growth and profitability in the ever-evolving hospitality sector.