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The Restaurant Show education sessions offer the chance to grow your industry knowledge. Mix and match topics to suit your professional and business needs.

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On-Floor Education

Track: Hiring & Retention

Learn about issues, concerns, and opportunities for advancement in employment across the industry. Create a stronger workforce that helps you increase profits.

2019 Sessions include:

  • Change in Company, Change in Perspective, or Both?
  • Healthy Mind, Body and Food and how it translates to Healthy Mood: Work/Life balance in the foodservice industry
  • A Common Sense Approach to Inclusion
  • Hotel Check-In: The Future of our Workforce
  • Inside Out: Workplace Culture and the Guest Experience
  • How to Become an Employer of Choice
  • Top Five HR Legal & Compliance Tips for Preventing Your Greatest Strength - Your Workforce - From Becoming Your Greatest Vulnerability
  • ServSuccess - Develop Your Team, Win the Future
  • NRAEF's Successful Workforce Development Strategy

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Track: Culinary Insights

Gain insights through culinary-focused education and discover the latest in food trends, menu development, cannabis, and more.

2019 Sessions include:

  • Telling the Story of Your Seafood: How to Avoid Mislabeling, Protect Your Reputation and Achieve Sustainability
  • Menu Forecast: 2020 and Beyond
  • The Benefits of Waste Reduction and How to Achieve Them
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  • Understanding the Buzz of Cannabis in Foodservice
  • Attacking The Snacking Craze
  • A Fresh Taste of Foodservice Industry Trends and Innovative Food Safety Strategies to Power Your Performance
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  • Nutrition and Sustainability: The Best of Both Worlds on Your Menu
  • Ethnic Mash Ups for Every Customer
  • Sysco Simply: Plant Based Dining Made Simple
  • Technology in the Kitchen: The Latest & Greatest Appliances
  • Data-Driven Diner Insights
  • The Plant Forward Boom
  • Pasta for all Cuisines
  • Food is Medicine: Spices and Flavors
  • Cutting Edge Solutions Power Hour
  • Better Breakfast
  • The Buzz About Alternative Proteins
  • Build a Better Burger: How to Raise Your Price Point But Not Your Labor
  • Today's Seafood Landscape
  • 2019: The Year of Pork
  • Get to Know Your Menu: Nutrition & Menu Labeling
  • The Delivery Game
*Includes all Culinary Experience Center Sessions

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Track: Marketing Matters

Attract customers and keep them coming back. From marketing to menu pricing, learn business strategies to remain top of mind to today’s consumer and drive profit in this competitive industry.

2019 sessions include:

  • The Digital Journey: Unlocking Opportunities to Attract Consumers Amidst Digital Disruption
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  • Harnessing Technology to Drive Off-Premise Sales
  • Manage Your Pricing Strategy Without Impacting Traffic
  • How Retailers Intend to Eat Your Lunch (and Breakfast, too)
  • How Well Do You Know Your Customers?
  • Your Brand has a Strategy: Are Your Team Members Part of it?
  • Leveraging P&G Marketing Expertise and Restaurant Operations to Attract and Retain Guests
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  • Take Back the Lunch Break℠ with Tork
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  • What Diners Want Today And What They Will Be Seeking Tomorrow
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  • Engaging Today’s Customer Through Cultural Intelligence
  • What Can Chains Learn From Independents

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Track: Tech & Innovation

Discover the latest business solutions that will shape the future of foodservice. Navigate innovations and technology tools to enhance your operation.

2019 sessions include:

  • Reimagining the Drive-Through in a Connected Age
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  • Setting up your Operations for Third Party Delivery Success
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  • Are You Adding Blockchain to Your Menu? What the technology brings to the food service industry
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  • How Bots Can Turn Your Restaurant Back-Office into a Profit Center
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  • Modern Restaurant Accounting: Making the shift from cost center to trusted operational advisor
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  • Protecting Your Most Valuable Data
  • The New Era of Automation and Foodservice Tech: A Why-and-When Guide to Crucial Operational Investments
  • Taking Supply Chain Traceability to the Next Level with Technology
  • A Connected CNP/CP Future: How to Fight Fraud when Consumers Engage via Multiple Channels
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  • The Key Characteristic of High Performing GMs - Forecasting Competency
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  • A Culture of Innovation: Key Engagement Tools to Attract Top Talent, Drive Growth, and Keep Guests Coming Back
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TECH Talks:
Whether it's shifting to a cloud-based system to modernize ordering and payment, turning your customers into viral advocates, or leveraging mobile, digital, and content strategies to create a unified brand, stop by TECH Talks for quick-hit sessions on taking your operation's technology to the next level.

  • Future Proofing your Restaurant Technology
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  • Survival of the Fittest: Transforming Change into Opportunity
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  • The Cloud Shift: Increasing Guest Satisfaction with Omnichannel Ordering
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  • Small Cup, Big Data: Predicting Drink Trends
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  • Create a Consistent Brand with Modern, Mobile Technology
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  • Juiced up on Data – Why BI is the Secret Ingredient to Jamba Juice’s Success
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Track: Beverage/Alcohol

These sessions and mixology demos will offer the latest trends and insights to keep your beverage program on the cutting edge.

2019 sessions include:

  • What Makes a Winning Beverage Program?
  • Increase Draft Beer Profitability: How to Make More Money by Focusing on Draft Beer Quality
  • Creating a Beverage Menu for the Future
  • Igniting a Team of Top Performers
  • Alcohol To Go: Understanding Drinks for Delivery
  • Raising the Bar: Alcohol Trends to Watch
  • How to Hit a Home Run with Responsible Alcohol Service
  • Brunch is the Next Great Bar Night
  • Your Piece of the Craft Cocktail Movement

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2019 Demos include:

  • The Return of the Highball
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  • The Boiler Maker: the perfect marriage of beer and spirits
  • "Mac & Cheese 2019" – the Ultimate Macallan and Cheese Experience
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  • Star of the Bar Finalist Demos

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Special Programming - All New for 2019

Menu Forecast: 2020 and Beyond
Saturday, May 18, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Menu trend guru Nancy Kruse gives one of the Show’s most popular session every year. This year, we’ve taken it up a few notches by adding the data and expertise of Technomic, the industry’s top research and insights firm, to Menu Forecast: 2020 and Beyond. This is a can’t miss presentation. Don’t forget your notebook.

Digital Media Slam
Saturday, May 18, 1:30 - 2:45 p.m.
Digital tools are critical to build loyalty, manage online reviews, drive mobile orders, connect directly with customers and so much more. Join us at the Show’s new Digital Media Slam for rapid-fire presentations from great brands using digital media with great success.

Tara Tesimu, Chief Digital Officer, Winsight LLC
Brian Best, VP of Digital Marketing and MarTech, Tropical Smoothie Café
Lynn Blashford, Vice President of Marketing, White Castle
Michael Chachula, Executive Director, IT, IHOP
Donna Josephson, Chief Marketing Officer, Corner Bakery Cafe

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Owning It: How Women Step into Leadership and Ownership in Culinary and Hospitality
Monday, May 20, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Join the James Beard Foundation and chef-owners Esther Choi, Asha Gomez and Rohini Dey for a discussion about how owner-operators are breaking down barriers, improving kitchen culture and creating a new way of working. These powerful women leaders will share their strategies for increasing ownership by women and changing the industry from within.

Katherine Miller, Vice President of Impact, James Beard Foundation
Esther Choi, Owner and Chef, Mŏkbar
Asha Gomez, Chef, Entrepreneur, & Cookbook Author
Rohini Dey, Owner and Founder, Vermillion

KI Fireside Chats

Join the editors of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies and restaurant development + design magazines at KI Fireside Chats. They’ll spend time tackling some of the most pressing issues operators face not only today, but in the future. Foodservice operators, consultants, dealers, designers, and more will share their industry insights by offering a look at what’s to come for operators of all shapes and sizes.
Sessions Led by:


Sunday, May 19
  • 12:00 p.m. 
    College Foodservice: What’s on the Menu Today and Tomorrow
    Robert Holden, Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services, University of Georgia & President, NACUFS
  • 1:30 p.m. 
    Creating Menus that Honor Their Origins
    Angelo Mojica, Senior Director of Food and Culinary Services, Johns Hopkins Health System
  • 3:00 p.m. 
    Innovative by Design: How Equipment Helps Drive Efficiency Among Foodservice Operators
    Christine Guyott, Principal, Rippe Associates
  • 3:45 p.m. 
    Innovations in Foodservice Equipment: Today and Tomorrow
    Mark Rossi, CEO and Founder, Avanti Restaurant Solutions
Monday, May 20
  • 11:00 a.m. 
    Balancing Convenience and Experience in Restaurant Design
    Steve Starr, President, Starrdesign
  • 12:30 p.m. 
    Chain Restaurant Prototype and Development
    Mitch Rotlo, Founder and CEO, Rotolo’s Craft and Crust
  • 2:00 p.m. 
    The Evolution of Hospitality and Bar Design
    Tobin Ellis, Hospitality Design Specialist, Bar Magic
  • 3:00 p.m. 
    Future of Fast-Casual Restaurant Design
    Joseph Vajda, AIA, LEED AP bd+c, Principal, Aria Group, Aria Architects

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World Culinary Showcase

Culinary Experience Center

Stop by the Culinary Experience Center to learn applied techniques and the latest trends in culinary, featuring new products that inspire creative and unique dishes.

2019 Sessions include:

  • Ethnic Mashups for Every Customer
  • Sysco Simply: Making the Choice Simple
  • Technology in the Kitchen: The Latest and Greatest Appliances
  • Data-Driven Diner Insights
  • The Plant Forward Boom
  • Pasta for all Cuisines
  • Food is Medicine: Spices and Flavors
  • Cutting Edge Solutions Power Hour
  • Better Breakfast
  • The Buzz About Alternative Proteins
  • Build a Better Burger: How to Raise Your Price but Not Your Labor
  • Today’s Seafood Landscape
  • 2019: The Year of Pork
  • Get to Know Your Menu: Nutrition and Menu Labeling
  • The Delivery Game
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