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The National Restaurant Association Show is committed to bettering the industry through inspired education. While in-person sessions and demos have been canceled for the 2020 Show, we plan to bring you informative content throughout the year. Check out our current webinars!

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National Restaurant Association Show 2020 Track Descriptions

  • Track: Hiring & Retention
  • Track: Culinary Insights
  • Track: Marketing Matters
  • Track: Tech & Innovation
  • Track: Beverage/Alcohol

Track: Hiring & Retention

Learn about issues, concerns, and opportunities for advancement in employment across the industry. Create a stronger workforce that helps you increase profits.

Topics for 2020 Include:

  • Building your perfect team
  • Ways to cut turnover
  • Recruiting in the digital age
  • Creating careers, not just jobs

Track: Culinary Insights

Through culinary-focused education, discover the latest in food trends, menu development, cannabis, and more.

Topics for 2020 Include:

  • Using limited time offers to test new concepts
  • The future of menu trends
  • Cooking with cannabis
  • Successful sustainability practices

Track: Marketing Matters

Attract customers and keep them coming back. From marketing to menu pricing, learn business strategies to remain top of mind to today’s consumer and drive profit in this competitive industry.

Topics for 2020 Include:

  • Understanding the evolving consumer
  • Increasing role of consumer marketing
  • Digital Media Slam
  • Leveraging your resources to market your brand

Track: Tech & Innovation

Discover the latest business solutions that will shape the future of foodservice. Navigate innovations and technology tools to enhance your operation.

Topics for 2020 Include:

  • Leveraging blockchain technology in the supply chain
  • Point of sales integration for better business
  • How better procurement data can maximize profit
  • Utilizing ghost kitchens to grow your operation

Track: Beverage/Alcohol

Beverage Alcohol for Restaurants (BAR) sessions and mixology demos will offer the latest trends and insights to keep your beverage program on the cutting edge. Experience all we have to offer with beer, wine and spirits.

Topics for 2020 Include:

  • The mix on CBD and alcohol
  • Beverage trends that will increase sales
  • Birth of the SuperBev
  • The alcohol delivery opportunity

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Culinary Education

  • Bellavita Food and Wine Theatre
  • World Culinary Showcase
  • Culinary Experience Center

Bellavita Food and Wine Theatre

Attend classes hosted by the finest chefs and sommeliers in the business.

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World Culinary Showcase

Culinary Experience Center

Stop by the Culinary Experience Center to learn applied techniques and the latest trends in culinary, featuring new products that inspire creative and unique dishes.

Learn more about the Culinary Experience Center

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