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As the foodservice and hospitality industry continues to change, so does our educational programming. We are committed to providing education that addresses the issues that are the most important to you and your business, so we are offering workshops that will provide high-value content addressing two of today’s most pertinent topics: restaurant technology and new revenue opportunities. These workshops will offer insights, strategies, resources, and applicable takeaways that you can implement in your own operation. You will have the chance to network with peers while learning hands-on from industry experts.


Workshop #1: The Rise of New Revenue Opportunities

Over the last year the foodservice industry has evolved faster than ever before. Despite significant hardships, businesses have survived – and even thrived – because of steadfast resiliency and accelerated innovation. New revenue opportunities have emerged that have allowed operators to connect with consumers in new and exciting ways. Explore new consumer groups ripe for engagement, learn the latest innovations in alcohol to-go as an added revenue opportunity, and consider other ways to grow business through virtual brands. Be inspired by your peers who are successfully implementing new revenue strategies in their operations as industry experts walk you through opportunities to grow your own business.

  • Day 1: New Consumer Groups
    As diners and their needs continue to change, it can be difficult to understand your potential target audiences and how to reach them most effectively. From new consumer need states to exploring lesser known revenue channels, industry experts will help you develop strategies to increase revenue by understanding the latest consumer trends, expand marketing strategies, and maximize engagement to develop long-term relationships. Learn to identify new revenue opportunities directly from fellow operators who have successfully leveraged new consumer groups to expand their business.
  • Day 2: Innovations in Alcohol To-Go
    The consumers have spoken: They want alcohol to-go, they want it executed well, and they want it here to stay. Adult beverage offerings can be a win-win for most operators – they draw in customers and they’re high-profit items that can truly bring your menu and revenue to the next level – but only if you have the right strategy. You will learn about the current state off-premise alcohol sales and the potential impact it can have in your operation, whether you are considering adding it for the first time or expanding your current offerings. Experts will lead you through case studies and pricing strategies to demonstrate the potential of alcohol to-go as a new or expanded revenue channel.
  • Day 3: Virtual Brands: Realities and Successes
    Virtual brands are here for the long-term, and they are making a major impact in the market. Whether they are operating out of other brick and mortar restaurants or ghost kitchens, how are virtual brands rising to the top, and can you do the same for your business? Examine the risks and benefits, what it takes to establish a viable business, and how to build awareness, transparency and trust with consumers. Whether you think this may be a right opportunity for you or not, it is imperative to have a solid understanding of virtual brands to remain competitive in this ever-changing landscape.

Workshop #2: Navigating the Restaurant Technology Landscape

Technology in the foodservice industry is more vital today than ever before. It has been a lifeline for operators to connect with consumers in an ever-changing world and will continue to play a crucial role in sustaining and growing business. How do you navigate all the technology available and how do you prioritize what is most critical to your business? With this workshop you will gain insights and strategies to prioritize your technology needs, integrate systems, and train staff to maximize performance – all to grow profit. Learn pitfalls and best practices from leading industry operators who have successfully navigated technology to optimize their business and walk away with steps and resources to help you successfully implement the right technology in your own operation.

  • Day 1: Prioritizing Your Technology Needs
    Technology is more critical than ever to sustaining business. Whether you are a small or multi-unit independent, or a large chain, technology can be daunting. You cannot afford to spend your time and money guessing what technology may be of most importance to your operation. With a little investment of your time in this workshop, you will be led step by step through how to determine technology solutions to meet your business needs. You will work directly with industry experts and operators who have successfully prioritized their own technology needs to help you understand and identify solutions, maximize your tools, and use technology in ways you may not have thought of before.
  • Day 2: Technology Integration: Best Practices and Pitfalls
    Whether you already have some systems in place and are looking to further integrate, or you are onboarding new technology, a successful integration relies on understanding the strategies that best fit your needs. Learn how to effectively manage vendors, ask the right questions in preparation of integration and throughout the integration process, and identify pitfalls to avoid - all to ultimately get the most out of your technology platforms. You will also gain expert tips on vendor relationship management to ease potential points of frustration and to navigate through the integration process as seamlessly as possible.
  • Day 3: Training with Purpose
    Now that you have technology in place, these tools are only as powerful as how they are used in your operation. While operators and staff may view technology training as boring and tedious, it is absolutely necessary to use technology in the way it is intended to maximize performance for your business. It is also critical that you understand best training practices to train with purpose and set your staff up for success. Learn strategies on effective training processes to keep your staff motivated, create a fun and inclusive experience, and over time, show your employees how technology positively impacts their work.

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