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Contest! Use Your Customer Invites to Win

Invite your best customers & drive more traffic to your booth with free customer invites! The exhibitor with the highest percentage of verified customer invite registrations wins the following:


Contest Terms:

  • The number of Customer Invites used is based on verified attendees through end of Show only.
      • Verified registration means the invitees badge was printed at the Show.
  • The Show is looking at percentage of allotment used to keep the contest fair for exhibitors regardless of booth size.
  • Prizes can be redeemed for the 2025 Show only.
  • In the event of a tie, the first to register their final attendee wins. 
Winner will be announced in Summer 2024.
To see and use your allotment of FREE Customer Invitations, go to the ‘Customer Invitation’ tile within the ‘Services for the Show’ tile in your Exhibitor Dashboard.
Learn how to use your Customer Invites with the PDF Instructions or Instructional How-To Video. The Exhibitor Dashboard tile also contains basic instructions when sending your invites.