Exhibitors should always be on guard against attempts by individuals to lure them into undesirable agreements, to sell services that are not wanted or needed, or to fraudulently redirect funds from the intended recipient. Below are alerts that the Restaurant Show has put together to help exhibitors avoid situations which can cause financial harm or loss of time and resources in fighting unlawful situations. All communications from Restaurant Show service providers will include the blue Official Service Provider seal pictured below.
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Beware of communications from fraudulent vendors who do NOT have a 2025 Official Service Provider Seal in any communications you receive. We do not sell our database information; any company not listed here should be considered as possibly fraudulent. 

Should you choose to engage in a business relationship with a company that is NOT an Official National Restaurant Association Service Provider, the National Restaurant Association Show and Winsight cannot vouch for their legitimacy, nor endorse their services.

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