Star of the Bar® Mixology Competition

2021 Star of the Bar® Mixology Competition Finalists

The Star of the Bar Mixology Competition elevates the craft of bartending to new levels by providing a national platform for mixologists to highlight their skills and creativity. While the 2021 National Restaurant Association Show has been cancelled and we will not be holding a final Star of the Bar competition or naming a winner in 2021, we are committed to supporting the adult beverage community by celebrating the ideas and innovations that are moving it forward. To that end, we are excited to announce the 6 finalists for the 2021 Star of the Bar Mixology Competition!

These finalists’ submissions were judged by a panel of mixology experts and selected for their originality, creativity, skill level, and presentation. Finalists and their cocktail creations will be featured in virtual mixology demos and discussions throughout 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

Try the 2021 Finalists’ Cocktails

Click on the 2021 Star of the Bar Finalists’ cocktail submission to get the recipe!

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